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CAC: Credits provided worldwide. Each course is worth 1 hour of CAC credit. To earn CAC credit for a course, you must pass the final exam with a score of 80% or higher, answering at least 8 out of 10 questions correctly.

CAC Certification Credits Available Worldwide

ERI Distance Learning Center Online Courses

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Foundation Courses
Click for Details 15 Federal Employment Laws That Impact Compensation and Benefits

This online course offers an overview of various U.S. federal employment laws that impact compensation and benefits administration. This information is critical because we live in a litigious society. Employers and Human Resources professionals must know exactly what federal law requires regarding employee compensation and benefits administration. They also must understand federal employment law requirements regarding record keeping, hiring, and discharge to insure compliance with employment law, labor laws, and regulations affecting compensation and benefits management.

       CAC Credit: 1

Click for Details 03 New Economy Total Rewards

This course examines the differences between compensation programs of old economy and new economy organizations. Their different use of compensation elements (including base salaries, incentives and employee benefits) is discussed. At the end of this course, you should understand the basics of compensation planning and how your organization can better use its finite resources to attract and retain talent.

       CAC Credit: 1

Salary Administration
Click for Details 81 Creating a Salary Structure for Your Organization

Base salary structures are administrative tools that are designed to assist in the administration of compensation programs. Ideally, the salary structure will provide compensation levels that remain internally equitable, externally competitive, and cost effective. Pay structures typically group jobs of equal internal value or worth into grades. This course discusses the importance of designing and administering equitable pay structures. We also analyze the differences between merit and automatic progression, and focus special attention on the challenges that compensation managers face to...More

       CAC Credit: 1

Click for Details 82 Creating a Competitive Salary Structure

This course focuses on the development of a single competitive salary structure for a single market, with the goal of allowing a company to achieve salary levels that at least match the average for the comparison group of companies based on product or service markets, or talent labor markets. You will learn how to create this structure by evaluating every job in the organization or, alternatively, only the benchmark jobs for which competitive market data is available. Then you will learn how to audit and maintain this structure over time.

       CAC Credit: 1

Click for Details 83 Designing a Branch Office Salary Structure

This course takes you through the process of establishing a salary structure for branch offices. You’ll learn how to determine whether your organization can apply its headquarters' structure directly to the branch office, adjust the headquarters' structure, or develop a new structure entirely. Geographic salary and cost-of-living levels are discussed since they apply to the salary-structure decision. Then branch-office structures for major U.S. cities and suburbs are analyzed. Canadian and international structures are also covered.

       CAC Credit: 1

Click for Details 19 Quantitative Methods Used in Salary Administration

This course teaches the mathematical skills you need to administer your organization’s wage structure and salary increases. We begin with a discussion of how to analyze salary survey data using averages, medians, modes and maturity curves. Next we show you how to set up a wage structure for your company, using salary increase matrices, compa-ratios, grades and ranges. After this, we discuss how percentages can be used to analyze geographic differentials and salary increases.

       CAC Credit: 1

Click for Details 78 Salary Increase Planning

This course reviews 3 different types of approaches to salary increase planning: those based on salary surveys of competitive market rates, cost-of-living adjustments (COLA’s), and merit increases (such as pay for performance). We’ll show you how to use each method and what resources are available to the Human Resource manager responsible for planning salary increases. In addition, we’ll demonstrate budgeting techniques and control methods to make sure salary compensation costs are kept in check throughout the year.

       CAC Credit: 1

Click for Details 77 Pay for Performance

In this course, you’ll learn how to create a pay for performance plan for your organization. Pay for performance allows organizations to reward employees for attaining key goals resulting in organization success. This course will help you decide whether or not pay for performance is appropriate for your organization and how to create a pay for performance plan.

       CAC Credit: 1

Incentive Compensation
Click for Details 75 Creating a Variable Pay Plan

This course teaches you important concepts about variable pay plans and how they can be applied to your organization. It describes the importance of variable pay and the organizations that are best suited for these types of plans. It then covers the different types of variable pay plans available and the factors that must be considered in plan design. Finally, this course reviews the administration of incentive plans and how to avoid common problems.

       CAC Credit: 1

Click for Details 76 Sales Compensation and Expense Allowances

This course discusses the creation of sales compensation plans. It describes the steps you must take to set a plan up, including setting goals, choosing measures, and establishing formulas. Then it discusses how to evaluate the success of the plan. Finally, this course looks at special sales compensation, including travel allowances and expense accounts.

       CAC Credit: 1

Executive Compensation
Click for Details 21 Compensation for Business Leaders

This course analyzes how compensation for business leaders is set. We will discuss the goals and theories behind these programs, including the use of incentives, bonuses and stock options; the advantages of deferred compensation; and the use of perquisites and golden parachutes. Then this course looks at the question of whether today’s executives are really worth their ever-growing compensation packages.

       CAC Credit: 1

Relocation Planning
Click for Details 57 Relocating an Employee Within the United States

Employee relocation planning is a Human Resources function that supports businesses that have operations in multiple locations and move their employees to meet workforce demands. This course teaches you how to set up employee relocation packages for executive relocation, new hires, and everything in between. You'll learn how to establish home purchase assistance programs that include real estate appraisal, home loans, and company mortgage assistance. You'll also learn how to plan for the use of moving companies, travel allowances, and family assistance programs to help with the settling in...More

       CAC Credit: 1


"You have a very complete offering of on-line courses. A colleague introduced me to the website. I have a PHR and am looking for good continuing education courses at a reasonable price. Having also used another HR training website, I found your course more engaging."
Karen Mortimer, PHR


"ERI Distance Learning Center courses not only provide valuable information that is relevant to my field (Compensation), but the courses also give historical background information pertaining to HR Law, which is an essential part of Compensation administration...I also like the mimic-to-real world scenarios to further enhance my learning experience."
Kim Buxton, JCA; Compensation Analyst, FedEx

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